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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) leverages the service-oriented focus demanded by the current world/time. It requires an IT infrastructure that seamlessly connects. We help ICT architecture release the focus on technology and instead focus on the business and thus regain control over what happens in your IT departments.

In realising SOA, Reflektis leverages methods based on Thomas Erl and others and has found inspiration in the architecture patterns from Fowler and Hohpe. We are experts in agile methods like scrum and scalable scrum/agile, working with these approaches since 1990.  Modern SOA implementations are much more light-weight and agile, for example by using microservices. In short, we offer an approach that has proven its success and which can compete with large providers like IBM, Oracle, Cordys, SAP, Salesforce and others. Reflektis offers added value because we can move faster and adapt better to the dynamics of your specific organisation.


  1. Because know precisely where you want to go. Focus should be on immediate value for the business, integrating the desired or existing business processes. Reflektis is the master when it comes to seamlessly integrating business with technology. We teach technologists to listen better and we help to connect with what you actually want.
  2. Because we believe that service implementations should be validated by the process. The implementation grows organically from a solid and properly constructed business model.
  3. Because you are in a hurry. This implies extreme short-cyclic implementations, and that in turn requires specific competences (agility) on various places within the organisation. All built on the solid architecture that we talk about all the time.
  4. Services are often not much more than CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) services. That is an anti-pattern in itself. It is better to create services that implement real dynamic process components (behaviour). This is the only way to efficiently enable your enterprise to move forward.
  5. The Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), if used at all, should be as light as possible. The minimalistic approach usually works best here. This is the way to help technology and business move together as complementary partners.

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