The art of … what NOT to do

Again I was struck by the tendency of many “experts” to use too much. They have a bag-of-tricks which for some reason needs to be used exhaustively. And the tools and frameworks do mention (sometimes) that you need to tailor them, but that doesn’t stick. If it’s there, it’s there for a reason, right? Let’s use it.

Frameworks are, by definition, a superset of what you need. Or did you imagine everyone needs the same things? The fact that you know all that doesn’t mean you should use all of it. Especially architects fall for this temptation. Or is it an ego-boost? Look at how big my gun is… You have learned TOGAF, so you want to apply it. Fine. But didn’t your mum tell you that temperance is virtue?

I do not recognise the expert by the size of his toolbox. I recognise him by the temperance in applying his tools. By the frugality of his actions, the close proximity of the actual need that needs to be met with his solution. And by the smallness of his steps forward.

Wouldn’t it be brilliant if the TOGAF certification or any other did not only check your knowledge of the framework, but also (and maybe even foremost) your skills in omitting parts?

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