Just wondering: what would you think would be the Slashdot response to an announcement like the following. Note that this is an imaginary post.

A new open platform for devices is in the making.

A group of several tens of developers are working hard on a new open platform that is an alternative for Android.

But while Android is targeting mobile devices and will include an operating system, middleware and key applications, the MOSQ project is actually delivering a system that is targeting mobile devices, smartphones, ultra-light computers, laptops, desktops, mainframes, set-top boxes and what not. And it includes more: a complete embedded development environment is part of the system, making it much more open than the Android system which needs an SDK, usable only on a developer machine, and requires knowledge of Java, C, and C++ to develop applications in. The project is well under way to be deployable on the Apple iPhone as well, completely replacing the Apple software, or behaving like a more adapted citizen by running into the iPhone operating system.

The system is not only open, but free of costs and licensing as well. The development community behind MOSQ is betting its business case on the selling of services and applications, comparable to the AppStore on the iPhone.


  • I would say, a Slashdot response would be; yet another solution or another ”next big thing”.
    Not that I would agree, knowing your Smalltalk background. Your solution sounds an awfull lot like a smalltalk image solution and some projects underway in the squeak community, but I may be mistaken.
    Depending on your time of announcement and the capabilities of your system at the time of announcement there will be a small group that will be enthousiastic, but you are not as big as Google and therefore less interesting to the crowd than Android.
    I don”t know your opinion on OpenCroquet, but to me the slashdot responses to this system are more then telling; a lot of people don”t get it, but some do and that’s the crowd you need. Slashdot is thé platform to reach that small group of people.
    I think it sounds interesting.

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