Object-oriented simulation of ecological systems using the beehive simulator

Paper submitted for the Western Multiconference on Computer Simulation January 17-20, 1993, San Diego, California ABSTRACT Sometimes decision makers are overwhelmed by a huge amount of information, data and possible solutions. They know all of them but don’t know how to evaluate or how to manage them in order to find a satisfactory solution. Finding solutions for problems can be supported by tools for the management of information resources. Managing these information resources demands an...

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The Beehive Simulation — an ecological simulation

The article describes the use of a combination of simulation and knowledge system techniques for an ecological simulation application. The purpose of the project was ultimately to provide an environmental monitor that could make statements on pollution events from data gathered from insects, esp. bees, since they are so very sensitive to environmental disturbances. This article was written as a research paper for this project on the Faculty of Management, University of Groningen, The Netherlands....

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A Beehive Simulator

A Beehive Simulator for teaching and research by Ap Rutges and Rob Vens Copyright © 1991 by A. Rutges & R.W. Vens Paper presented at the WACRA ’91 Conference Berlin, June 30 – July 3, 1991. It discusses a strategy for using a combination of computer simulation and knowledge system techniques for managing change with a Beehive Simulator example. Published in Managing Change With Cases, Simulations, Games and Other Interactive Methods (Case method research & application). Note: This...

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