Maand: maart 2014

UML for functional programming?

This question was asked on Stackoverflow and ModelingLanguages and prompted me to attempt to make some persistent preconceptions about UML clearer. First of all: UML is not about modelling object-oriented software. Origin of object-orientation But maybe we should go back to what object-orientation is. OO (shorthand for object-orientation) is invented around 1970. Xerox had a group called the Software Research Group which was part of a think tank created to do research into the possible threats...

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What is a method?

(Americans often refer to a method with the term “methodology”, which is not entirely correct semantically, as it would mean “the science of methods”) Examples of methods are ORM, RUP, and one could argue Scrum or agile approaches like DAD. Inspired by the book by Ian Graham, The OPEN Process Specification I share the following UML model of a method with you. It shows what a (proper) method consists of. To illustrate, UML itself for example is a Modelling Language,...

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