Maand: oktober 2013

Why executive managers don’t have a clue

Executive management doesn’t have a clue. Everybody I talk to in organisations large and small agree. And I am talking managers here. They try. They do their best. They start doubting their intelligence. They install control mechanisms. They install more control mechanisms. Heck, they might even try (and burn their fingers on) business intelligence. Maybe that will give them the edge they may think they lack. Thing is: it’s unavoidable. It is humanly impossible to have a clue. Let’s...

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The need for enterprise architecture

Society is undergoing fundamental changes. This is not unique for our time and age, but both speed and depth of these changes are probably greater than we have seen in centuries. Enterprises are, whether they want it or not, both party and subject in these changes. The way businesses were organised in the past does not scale into this age, and certainly not in the “future” age. Wrestling with larger concerns, in numbers of customers (for example in the case of producers of software),...

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