Maand: september 2013

The art of … what NOT to do

Again I was struck by the tendency of many “experts” to use too much. They have a bag-of-tricks which for some reason needs to be used exhaustively. And the tools and frameworks do mention (sometimes) that you need to tailor them, but that doesn’t stick. If it’s there, it’s there for a reason, right? Let’s use it. Frameworks are, by definition, a superset of what you need. Or did you imagine everyone needs the same things? The fact that you know all that doesn’t...

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EA and political neutrality

A general complaint from people who focus on content instead of form is that “we could do it, if only we didn’t have to waste all our energy on political issues”. True. Maybe. Point is, political context is a part of any group of people larger than one. And not a part we should regret. On the contrary: being aware of it, and learning political agility makes realising enterprise architecture goals much more viable. Recognise that you, as an enterprise architect, are (probably)...

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