Maand: april 2010

The open-closed dilemma

Compare the iPhone and Android. The iPhone is a closed platform. Apple dictates the programming language and frameworks to use for developing software for the thing. It even maintains strict control over the deployment process through the App Store. Plus Apple forks one third of the revenue stream to go to itself. The Android is a so-called open platform. Every developer is free to select their preferred programming language and framework, while Google provides their preferred approach in the...

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Apple’s protectionism woes

Some unrest has been created by the visible impact (that is, banning from the Apple AppStore) of the enforcing of certain clauses in the license agreement all developers need to sign in order to get access to iPhone development. This license agreement has been in the news earlier. It is an interesting license agreement, since part of the agreement is that the agreement itself may not be publicly discussed (section 10.4). In fact posting this blog about it may itself be interpreted as a violation...

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