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Just wondering: what would you think would be the Slashdot response to an announcement like the following. Note that this is an imaginary post. A new open platform for devices is in the making. A group of several tens of developers are working hard on a new open platform that is an alternative for Android. But while Android is targeting mobile devices and will include an operating system, middleware and key applications, the MOSQ project is actually delivering a system that is targeting mobile...

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Multitasken is te leren

Multitasken is te leren – Deze week – (Opmerking: link naar artikel bestaat helaas niet meer) Interessant en dit keer redelijk objectief getoonzet artikel over een veelbesproken onderwerp. Vaak hoor ik van collega’s dat moderne kinderen “anders” zouden zijn, dat ze veel meer in staat zouden zijn tot multitasken. Je ziet het beeld voor je van je kind dat zijn huiswerk zit te doen met televisie aan, mp3 speler in één oor, met een computer waarop zes...

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Legacy Migration

Domain Driven Design has been proving to be a powerful technique for designing complex software systems for many years. The publication of the book by Eric Evans Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software marked the start of a period in which this design technique has been named Domain Driven Design explicitly, but in fact it has been a “secret” of master modellers for many years. This article, divided up in several chapters, will introduce a strategy to use DDD for...

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How to Save Time by Watching Videos at Higher Playback Speeds

This is going to be a small, technical tutorial on how to save a lot of time by watching videos at higher playback rates. I first read about this idea from my most favorite personal development blog at Steve In his post “Overclock Your Audio Learning” he says that he occasionally listens to audios at 4.1x. At this speed 4 hour video/audio can be listened in less 1 hour! How to Save Time by Watching Videos at Higher Playback Speeds I have been advocating friends and colleagues...

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