Maand: november 2008

The Architecture Process for Agile Organisations

This article attempts to describe an example of an implementation of an architecture process in organisations that strive towards greater agility. Implementing an architecture process can be a daunting exercise, and one of the pitfalls you will encounter is making it too rigid and top-heavy. Especially in situations where you already have teams implementing more agile processes, your architecture process should not hinder them. By creating an agile architecture process you will reap the benefits...

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Meet WALL•S!

Though not called WALL•S by Michael Haupt who posted this blog, the little NXT robot in the picture immediately reminded me of WALL•E. So meet WALL•S, the first robot that actually speaks and understands Smalltalk! Some of you may know that Smalltalk originally was quite popular in the embedded world. Tektronix for example ran Smalltalk as their software for the oscilloscopes, running entirely in its own universe without an operating system to handicap the power of Smalltalk. We also know that...

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