Maand: augustus 2007

MVC Heresy

MVC Heresy (via Cincom Smalltalk) Arden Thomas shared with us what he learned from someone “who was there”, Dianna Merry Shapiro, about the origins of MVC. (Note: The original link to the article cannot be found anymore) One story I found interesting, was one about the MVC framework (Model View Controller). MVC is one of those basic frameworks that you usually learn along with Smalltalk, when you first cut your teeth on using ST. What I learned was that MVC was added nearer the end of the decade...

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Open Source Revisited

Object Arts | Future development of Dolphin discontinued. (via This shocking announcement by Andy Bower, one of the founders of Dolphin Smalltalk, made me realise a grave mistake: I have taken the Open Source movement too much for granted. It is a bit the same as with my opinions about the antiglobalism movement. I have always taken pride in my innate desire to ask questions, to move by my insatiable curiosity, only to realise that too often I, as many people I criticise,...

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Linear time

Through the millennia we human beings have developed a rich and amazing diversity of “mind things”, things that only seem to exist in our inner mental world. Most of those things seep out into the “real” world more or less. The concept of linear time for example may very well have been developed only about ten thousand years ago (“only”, because as human beings we have a track record on our planet I like to start one million years ago, which is one hundred times longer)1 . This mental concept...

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Roel Pieper ‘Meeste bedrijven zijn niet met klant bezig’ 6 JULI 2007 16:09 | TEUS MOLENAAR | 0 Roel Pieper, hoogleraar e-commerce aan de Universiteit Twente, vindt de golf van outsourcingscontracten het afgelopen jaar verontrustend. Kostenbesparing is volgens hem een verkeerde drijfveer en kan op middellange termijn behoorlijke schade berokkenen. | Strategie | Strategie | Outsourcing ondoordacht In dit interview breekt Roel Pieper, of hij het bewust doet of niet, een lans voor Domain...

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